Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Best Toy... a cardboard box.  True, a box can potentially take up a significant percentage of the square footage in our little apartment, but it can also fold flat at the end of the day's play.  We currently have a diaper box that has been crawled in and out of hundreds of times over the past week and has lost some of it's structural soundness.  We'll have to part with it soon, but that's okay.  That's part of the beauty of a box.  We only have to wait until our next Costco trip or Amazon delivery and we'll have a new one-maybe a different shape, a different size.  It will probably be so exciting that, just like the current one, it will be the cause of giggles, laughter, imaginative play, and many sibling squabbles.

And mostly I'm writing about boxes because I wanted to post these picture.  A few weeks ago, while Martin and I were in the kitchen putting away the Costco loot of the day, these two managed to set up a very comfortable Toy Story-viewing venue for themselves. I walked into the living room and found them exactly like this.  I love how they are right next to each other and how both of their boxes are lined with their favorite blankets.

Also amusing:  that Ezra is snacking on a mushroom (I later discovered the mushroom package that he excitedly tore into) and the fact that the expression on Lucia's face never changes (you can be assured that I was trying very hard to get her attention).

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  1. i, too, think boxes are awesome.
    and i too think you your kids are pretty cute in those boxes. (especially love the blanket linings!)